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Automation window production


The company MI-Soft is a developer of software for businesses involved in the sale and manufacture of translucent structures. The main focus is the automation of window production, structural analysis, work with the client, accounting, logistics and optimization of plants, machines management, interaction with remote branches and divisions receive orders. The first priority in the work is to implement solutions.


Our company exists in the market for several years during which our customers have more than 80 companies in Russia and Kazakhstan. We suggest you read the model solutions manufacturing plants using its deytelnosti components of IT Okna.



Solving challenges
  Sales of windows The calculation of the order, preparing documents for the client.
Performance measures sales (sales, payments, debetorka, profitability ...).
The formation of a package of orders for production.
Exchange orders between departments.
IT Okna Konstruktor  
  Manufacturing Window Automating planning and accounting in production.
Optimizing the use of materials.
Monitoring the efficiency of raw materials actually used.
The link with the existing accounting system.
Production logistics.
Connecting machines.
IT Okna Proizvodstvo  
  Material supply Calculating the needs of materials for orders.
Sending orders for materials in electronic form.
The ability to download applications to your system vendor (1S, BEST ...).
Personalization versions of the calculation of orders under a particular supplier.
IT Okna Konstruktor (start version)  
  Поставка оборудования Delivery of equipment Planning equipment in the shop.
Preparation of the accompanying documentation for production.
Unloading of CNC machines.
IT Okna Proizvodstvo (relationship with CNC machines)  


You can see the demo version on CD-ROM or on the company's: website.