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Automation window production.
IT Okna Konstruktor


The main objective of the program "IT Okna Konstruktor" - the organization of the sales.

1. Design and calculation of jobs:
- arbitrary design (rectangular, bevel, arch, not a 4-coal);
- graphical installation and automatic calculation of accessories;
- 3D-mode, realistic mode;
- links to the grid;
- easy-friendly interface.

2. Printing documents for a client:
- models (by specification, contract, a report on the work of the trade department) are included in the kit;
- an easy way to create new documents and records;
- reporting on the work of the trade department shows the key indicators of the department or company (sales, payments, debetorka, profitability, earnings) for the period.

3. Accounting for mutual customers:
- accounting charges customers to orders;
- debetorka of each job.

4. Downloading settings:
- configuring taken from any programs IT Okna Konstruktor.

5. Exchange orders:
- exchange information on jobs in a universal format;
- send orders to other bases of IT Windows, including database vendor, another dealer division, based in the central office. The exchange between programs with different settings;
- grouping orders in bags orders;
- sending requests for accessories, materials, goods electronically.

6. Downloading material:
- easy loading and updating the prices of price-lists.

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